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IGRS Telangana (Integrated Grievance Redressal System ) is a government web portal created for services related to property registration and stamp duty process by the state of Telangana. It is a plartform that is useful to both the citizens and the government.

The website enables access to information such as the latest market value and stamp duty calculation assistance of property along with prohibited property search in the state.

Other services like search for EC (Encumbrance Certificate), nearest SRO (Sub-Registrar Office) search, eStamp services, and  information on notaries, stamp vendors, and Franking services are available on the website.

Stamp Duty and Registration Charges and its Calculation in Hyderabad/Telangana

Stamp Duty and Registration Charges in Hyderabad/Telangana

When buying a property, the registration and stamp duty charges must also be taken into account. These charges will increase the budget set for the purchase of your property considerably. Under the Indian Stamp Act of 1899, the stamp duty and registration fees are mandated mainly to validate the sale of the property and keep a record of the purchase.

TypeStamp Duty Registration FeeTransfer Duty
Sale Of Property
Under Corporations & Municipalities4%0.5%1.5%
In Other Areas4%0.5%1.5%
Sale Agreement & GPA5%0.5% (max INR 20,000)0%
Sale Agreement With Possession4%0.5% (max INR 20,000)0%
Sale Agreement Without Possession0.5% 0.5% (max INR 20,000)0%
Calculation of Hyderabad/Telangana Stamp Duty and Registration Charges Using IGRS Telangana

Let us consider that a 1000 sqft residential flat costs INR 4,370 per sqft in Ameerpet Allwyn Bhavan area as per IGRS Telangana market value. This means that no flat sold in this area can be sold for less than INR 4,370, but can be sold at a higher price.

igrs telangana
Market Value of a flat in Ameerpet, near Allwyn Bhavan

Using the Market Value Assitance we can calculate the Stamp Duty & Registration charges.

For a 1000 sqft residential flat in the area the Consideration Value of the property will be 43,70,000.

IGRS Telangana

Considering the transaction between a builder an a buyer the stamp duty and registration charges for the property will be:

Stamp Duty1,74,800
Transfer Duty65,550
Registration Fee21,850
Total Payable2,62,200

In order to obtain the property, the buyer will therefore have to pay a total of INR 43,70,000 + INR 2,62,200 = INR 46,32,200

*Stamp and transfer duty payable on IGRS Telanagana stamp duty value or consideration value of the property, whichever is higher.

IGRS Telangana & Stamp Duty, Registration Fee Calculation
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