Plots for Sale in Banjara Hills

Banjara Hills is a posh locality in Hyderabad, offering plots for sale in various sizes and prices. It is a prime area for residential and commercial purposes, with easy access to amenities and entertainment. Buying a plot for sale in Banjara Hills is a smart investment for future growth and development.

Plots for Sale in Banjara Hills
GVK One, Banjara hills

Introduction to Banjara Hills

Banjara Hills stands as one of Hyderabad, Telangana, India’s most affluent and prestigious neighborhoods. This urban commercial center provides residents with a high standard of living, top-notch infrastructure, and an array of amenities. Many celebrities, politicians, business tycoons, and professionals call Banjara Hills home, seeking to relish the luxury and convenience this locality offers.

Banjara Hills buzzes with high-end hotels, restaurants, nightclubs, shopping malls, office buildings, hospitals, educational institutions, and entertainment venues. It boasts 14 numbered roads, each signifying distinct property types and establishments. According to Economic Times magazine, Banjara Hills claims the title of India’s priciest zip code, boasting an estimated property worth Rs 96,000 crore.

Types of Plots Available

There are various types of plots available for sale in Banjara Hills depending on your budget, preference, and purpose. Some of the common types of plots are:

  • Residential plots: These are plots that are meant for building individual houses or apartments for personal use or rental income. Residential plots are usually located in quiet and serene areas with good connectivity and security. Residential plots in Banjara Hills are ideal for those who want to live in a posh and peaceful locality with all the modern amenities and facilities nearby.
  • Commercial plots: These are plots that are meant for building commercial establishments such as offices, shops, showrooms, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, etc. Commercial plots are usually located in prime areas with high footfall and visibility. Commercial plots in Banjara Hills are ideal for those who want to start or expand their business ventures in a lucrative and prestigious market.
  • Mixed-use plots: These are plots that are meant for building both residential and commercial structures on the same land. Mixed-use plots are usually located in strategic areas that offer both residential and commercial benefits. Mixed-use plots in Banjara Hills are ideal for those who want to enjoy the best of both worlds by having their home and workplace in the same vicinity.

Location Advantages

Banjara Hills offers many location advantages that make it one of the most sought-after localities in Hyderabad. Some of the location advantages are:

  • Proximity to Jubilee Hills: Jubilee Hills is another upscale neighborhood that is adjacent to Banjara Hills. Jubilee Hills is known for its greenery, parks, lakes, temples, film studios, and celebrity residences. Jubilee Hills also hosts many cultural events and festivals that attract tourists and locals alike. Being close to Jubilee Hills gives Banjara Hills residents easy access to these attractions and amenities.
  • Connectivity to other parts of the city: Banjara Hills is well connected to other parts of the city by road and metro rail. Major roads pass through Banjara Hills and connect it to highways such as NH-44 (Hyderabad-Bangalore), NH-65 (Hyderabad-Vijayawada), NH-163 (Hyderabad-Warangal), etc. The Hyderabad Metro Rail serves Banjara Hills with two nearby stations: Road No 5 and Jubilee Hills Check Post. Banjara Hills residents easily commute to work, education, shopping, and entertainment in other city areas using these transport options.
  • Prestige and status: Banjara Hills is synonymous with prestige and status in Hyderabad. It is a locality that reflects the wealth, power, and influence of its residents. Many politicians, celebrities, business tycoons, and professionals mark their presence in Banjara Hills. Owning a plot here is a source of pride and honor for aspiring residents who seek the elite lifestyle.

Infrastructure and Amenities

Banjara Hills boasts of excellent infrastructure and amenities that cater to the needs and expectations of its residents. Some of the infrastructure and amenities are:

  • Roads and drainage: Banjara Hills has well-maintained roads and drainage systems that ensure smooth traffic and sanitation. The roads are wide, paved, and lined with street lights and trees. The drainage system is efficient and prevents waterlogging and flooding during monsoons.
  • Water and electricity: Banjara Hills has adequate water and electricity supply that meets the demand of its residents. The water supply is sourced from the Krishna and Godavari rivers through pipelines and reservoirs. The electricity supply is provided by the Telangana State Southern Power Distribution Company Limited (TSSPDCL) through substations and transformers. The water and electricity bills are collected by the GHMC and TSSPDCL respectively.
  • Security and safety: Banjara Hills has a high level of security and safety that ensures the protection of its residents. The Banjara Hills Police Station is located on Road No. 12 and covers the entire locality. The police station has a staff of 150 personnel who patrol the area regularly and respond to any emergencies or complaints. The Integrated Command and Control Centre is also located here.
  • Healthcare and education: Banjara Hills has some of the best healthcare and education facilities in the city. There are many reputed hospitals in the area that offer quality medical services to the residents. Some of the notable hospitals in Banjara Hills are CARE Hospitals, Star Hospitals, Virinchi Hospitals, Rainbow Children’s Hospital, etc. There are also many renowned schools, colleges, etc. in the area that offer quality education to the students. Some of the notable educational institutions in Banjara Hills are Meridian School, Oakridge International School, Chirec International School, St. Francis College for Women, etc.

Plot Sizes and Pricing

The plot sizes and pricing in Banjara Hills vary depending on the type, location, demand, and supply of the plots. Generally, the plot sizes range from 200 sq yards to 2000 sq yards or more. The pricing ranges from Rs 1.5 lakh per sq yard to Rs 3 lakh per sq yard or more. The following table gives an indicative range of plot sizes and pricing in Banjara Hills based on some of our recent listings:

Plot TypePlot Size (in sq yards)Plot Price (in Rs per sq yard)
Residential200 – 10001.5 lakh – 3 lakh
Commercial500 – 20002.5 lakh – 3.5 lakh
Mixed-use1000 – 30002 lakh – 3 lakh

Please note that these are approximate values and may change depending on various factors such as market conditions, negotiations, legal issues, etc.

Financing Options

There are various financing options available for buying plots in Banjara Hills depending on your eligibility, income, credit score, etc. Some of the common financing options are:

  • Land Loans: Banks, HFCs, NBFCs, and others offer land loans for purchasing plots in Banjara Hills, with varying interest rates, tenures, and LTVs. However, land loans impose restrictions on plot type, location, size, and usage.
  • Personal Loans: Banks, NBFCs, and online lenders extend personal loans without collateral for acquiring plots in Banjara Hills. These loans vary in interest rates, tenures, and loan amounts but generally have higher interest rates and lower loan amounts compared to other options.
  • Loan Against Property (LAP): To acquire plots in Banjara Hills, you can mortgage an existing property to secure a loan offered by banks, HFCs, NBFCs, etc. LAP terms vary in interest rates, tenures, and LTVs, but eligibility often hinges on a good credit score and proof of income.

Legal and Regulatory Considerations

Buying a plot in Banjara Hills involves some legal and regulatory considerations that need to be taken care of before finalizing the deal. Some of the legal and regulatory considerations are:

  • Title Verification: In title verification, you check the ownership and history of the plot to ensure it has no disputes, encumbrances, liens, etc. You can hire a lawyer or a title company to verify documents like sale deeds, mutation certificates, khata certificates, encumbrance certificates, etc., for the plot.
  • Land Use Verification: Land use verification involves checking the zoning and classification of the plot to ensure it suits its intended purpose. You consult the master plan or the development plan of GHMC or the Hyderabad Metropolitan Development Authority (HMDA) for information on land use zones such as residential, commercial, industrial, agricultural, etc., for the plot.
  • Approval and Clearance: Approval and clearance entail obtaining necessary permissions and certificates from relevant authorities to buy and develop the plot. You apply to GHMC or HMDA to obtain layout approval, building permission, occupancy certificate, fire safety certificate, environmental clearance, etc., for the plot.

Investment Potential

Banjara Hills has a high investment potential due to its prime location, excellent infrastructure, and high demand. Buying a plot in Banjara Hills can offer many benefits such as:

  • Appreciation: Appreciation is the increase in the value of the plot over time due to various factors such as market conditions, development activities, infrastructure improvements, etc. Appreciation can result in higher returns on investment (ROI) for the plot owners. Banjara Hills has witnessed a steady appreciation in its property prices over the years due to its popularity and scarcity of land.
  • Rental income: Rental income is the income generated from renting out the plot or the property built on it to tenants. Rental income can provide a regular source of income and cash flow for the plot owners. Banjara Hills has a high rental demand due to its proximity to many commercial and entertainment hubs.
  • Capital gains: Capital gains are the profits made from selling the plot or the property built on it at a higher price than the purchase price. Capital gains can provide a lump sum amount of money and tax benefits for the plot owners. Banjara Hills has a high resale value due to its prestige and status.

Nearby Facilities and Services

Banjara Hills has many nearby facilities and services that make it a convenient and comfortable locality to live in. Some of the nearby facilities and services are:

  • Shopping and entertainment: Banjara Hills has many shopping and entertainment options that cater to different tastes and preferences. There are many malls, multiplexes, supermarkets, boutiques, etc. in the area that offer a variety of products and services. Some of the popular shopping and entertainment destinations in Banjara Hills are GVK One Mall, City Centre Mall, Inorbit Mall, PVR Cinemas, Cinepolis, etc.
  • Dining and nightlife: Banjara Hills has many dining and nightlife options that offer a range of cuisines and experiences. There are many restaurants, cafes, bars, pubs, clubs, etc. in the area that serve delicious food and drinks. Some of the popular dining and nightlife destinations in Banjara Hills are Taj Krishna, Taj Deccan, Taj Banjara, Park Hyatt, Olive Bistro, Hard Rock Cafe, 10 Downing Street, etc.
  • Recreation and leisure: Banjara Hills has many recreation and leisure options that offer a variety of activities and attractions. There are many parks, gardens, lakes, temples, museums, etc. in the area that provide a relaxing and refreshing environment. Some of the popular recreation and leisure destinations in Banjara Hills are KBR National Park, Lotus Pond, Durgam Cheruvu, Birla Mandir, NTR Gardens, Salar Jung Museum, etc.

How to Purchase a Plot in Banjara Hills

Purchasing a plot in Banjara Hills can be done by following some simple steps such as:

  • Conduct Research: Begin your plot purchase in Banjara Hills by gathering essential information about available plots, their types, sizes, prices, locations, advantages, and disadvantages. Research through online portals, newspapers, and magazines, or by visiting the locality to interact with locals, brokers, and agents.
  • Shortlist Plots: Progress to the next step by selecting plots that align with your requirements, preferences, and budget. Shortlist potential options by comparing plot features, benefits, and drawbacks. Visit these shortlisted plots in person to inspect their condition, surroundings, and accessibility.
  • Negotiate Terms: Enter into negotiations as the third step to secure the best possible deal for your chosen plot. Utilize your research findings, shortlist, and current market trends as leverage during negotiations. Maintain flexibility and realistic expectations throughout the bargaining process.
  • Finalize the Deal: In the final step, close the deal with the seller or broker by paying the agreed-upon amount and signing the necessary documents. Ensure you verify the plot’s title, land use, approvals, and clearances. Complete the registration of the plot in your name at the sub-registrar’s office.

Future Development Prospects

Banjara Hills has a bright future development prospect due to its strategic location, excellent infrastructure, and high demand. Some of the future development prospects are:

  • Commercial growth: Commercial growth is another future development prospect of Banjara Hills. The GHMC and the HMDA are planning to develop more commercial zones and hubs in Banjara Hills such as retail centers, business centers, etc. This will boost the economic activity and employment opportunities in Banjara Hills and attract more investors and buyers.
  • Residential demand: The future development prospect of Banjara Hills includes residential demand. Due to rapid urbanization, Hyderabad is expected to experience population and income growth in the coming years. This growth will particularly increase the demand for residential properties in Banjara Hills. The high-income group, in particular, will seek premium and prestigious locality living.


Banjara Hills offers an ideal locale in Hyderabad for buying plots due to its prime location, outstanding infrastructure, high demand, and substantial investment potential. Purchasing a plot here can provide various benefits like potential appreciation, rental income, capital gains, and elevated prestige and status. However, acquiring a plot in Banjara Hills comes with challenges such as steep prices, limited availability, and potential legal complexities. Therefore, it’s advisable to thoroughly research, shortlist, negotiate, and finalize your plot acquisition in Banjara Hills.

Plot Size (Sqyd)FacingPrice/SqydLocation
1375West250,000Road No 3
1045East290,000Road No 2
850North300,000Road no 5
1005West280,000Road no 10
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Plots for Sale in Banjara Hills

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