Find Agriculture Land for Sale in Hyderabad or within 100 KMs from Hyderabad within your budget on YS Realty listings.

Agriculture Lands for Sale in Hyderabad

These agriculture lands in Hyderabad or within 100 KMs from Hyderabad listed on our site are with clear titles and government issued pass book documentation. These lands range from red soil, black soil, alluvial soils, hill soils, etc. The land areas of these agriculture lands range between 5 acres to 100+ acres.

VillageMandalDistrictLand AreaPrice/AcreDetails
Adavi DevulapallyDameracherla Nalgonda 250 Acre60 Crore Total
AloorChevella Rangareddy 22 Acre50 LacsR1 Zone
Amangal Amangal Rangareddy 12 Acre65 LacsR1 zone, Highway bit
AthivelliMedchalMedchal-Malkajgiri130 Acre2 Crore 60 LacsR1 zone
Bijilipur Alladurg Medak 33 Acre25 Lacs
CheguntaCheguntaMedak 120 Acre20 Lacs
CheguntaCheguntaMedak 410 Acre65 Lacs
ChevellaChevellaRangareddy 135 Acre46 Lacs
Dannaram Maheshwaram Rangareddy 230 Acre40 LacsAgriculture zone.
Ghanpur (Station)Ghanpur Jangaon 129 Acre14 Lacs
Jagtial Jagtial Jagtial 170 Acre10 LacsNear Kondagattu
JukkalKamareddyKamareddy93 Acre5 LacsRocky land (Gutta)
Kadthal Kadthal Rangareddy 100 Acre30 LacsMango Garden
KamareddyKamareddyKamareddy380 Acre13 lacsAgriculture zone.
KamkolMunpalle Medak 300 Acre50 LacsKamkol Tollgate, Mumbai highway
KattangurKattangurNalgonda 127 Acre45 Crore TotalDairy
KurraramRajapet Nalgonda 100 Acre45 Lacs
LoyapallyManchal Rangareddy 300 Acre16 LacsCompany property, Sagar highway to Ibrahim patnam to Arutlla
MaheshwaramMaheshwaramRangareddy 40 Acre3.80 CroreSrisailam highway road to 2 kms .
Mamidipally Shamshabad Rangareddy 600 Acre1 Crore111 zone
Mancherial-KaghaznagarMancherial Mancherial 624 Acre7 lacs
MedchalMedchal Medchal-Malkajgiri534 Acre38 LacsIndustrial zone
Mominpet Mominpet Vikarabad 690 Acre and 370 Acre35 Lacs
Mothkur (Rayagiri)Bhuvanagiri Yadadri Bhuvanagiri75 Acre1 Crore 20 Lacs
NarayankhedNarayankhedSangareddy800 and 685 Acre8 Lacs
NarketpallyNarketpallyNalgonda 260 Acre20 Lacs
PatancheruvuPatancheruvuSangareddy7+7 Acre1.5 CroreFTL land
PulimamidiNawabpet Rangareddy 46 Acre1.5 CroreR1 zone
Pulimamidi Nawabpet Rangareddy 100 Acre60 Lacs
RamyampetRamayampet Medak 22 Acre1.2 CroreHighway bit
Samsthan Narayanapur Samsthan Narayanapur Yadadri Bhuvanagiri38 Acre32 Lacs
SangaamKeshampetRangareddy 300 Acre75 LacsMango garden, R1 zone
Sikindlapur Shivampet Medak 105 Acre12 Lacs
TandurTandur Vikarabad 550 Acre12 Lacs
ThangadapallyChevella Ranga Reddy1148 Acre60 LacsDelhi company land
Turakapally Shamirpet Medchal-Malkajgiri170 Acre2 CroreConservation zone