Telangana LRS scheme scrapped for now as per the state government’s orders issued on Tuesday.

Telangana LRS

Telangana government issued orders clarifying that there is no restriction on registration of open plots in authorised layouts or those regularised under earlier Land Regularisation Schemes (LRS) and also buildings or structures covered under earlier Building Penalisation Scheme (BPS) or Building Regularisation Scheme (BRS).

The clarification was issued in partial modification of instructions issued earlier amid confusion prevailing over registration of such properties in the wake of the LRS being implemented by the State government recently.

Further, registrations can be taken up in respect of open plots or structures, if they have been obtained by the present owner through a valid registered document earlier. However, no new plot being brought for the registration for the first time (sold by the developers for first time) should be registered unless it has been approved by the competent authority or it is located in authorised layout.

Telangana LRS Scheme Scrapped, Resale Open Plots Allowed for Registrations

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