The state government of Telangana will commence registration of Dharani non agriculture properties across the state from December 1st week.

If registrations of non-agricultural properties do not start on Dharani portal in the next two to three days, MAUD and IT Minister KT Rama Rao said that he will request Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao to resume registrations through the old system for the time being, taking into cognisance the liquidity problems realtors are facing now. 

Dharani Non Agriculture

What is Dharani web portal:

The Dharani is a one-stop portal for all land and property-related transactions as well as documentation.
The portal will do away with any loopholes in the registration process as well as store all land and property-related information online.
It will simplify the registration, succession and even partition of agriculture lands, to ensure that the entire process is completed within a few minutes and the e-pattadar passbook is provided to the landowners immediately.

Having a digital record would be very useful, and the properties could be protected from litigation. The Telangana government said several litigations had piled up over agriculture and non-agriculture properties, and it was making an effort to streamline the transactions and safeguarding the ownership.

For registration of dharani non agriculture properties, the stamp duty will be collected based on the existing market price of lands in towns, cities and villages.

The government will not insist on property owners to give caste details. Only the community status such SC, ST, BC, OC will be being collected as per the Constitutional scheme.

Dharani Non Agriculture Property Registrations

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