Background of HMDA Master Plan 2031

In 2013, the government notified the Hyderabad master plan (HMDA master plan) 2031 to provide Hyderabad the infrastructure it would require, to cater to a population of 185 lakhs and a workforce comprising 65 lakh people by 2031. Under the plan, 5,965 sq kms of area is allocated for various purposes under the city’s land-use policy.

HMDA Master Plan

Area Covered under HMDA Master Plan: 5,965 sq kms.

HMDA Master Plan Jurisdictions: 55 mandals located in five districts, including Hyderabad, Medak, Rangareddy, Mahbubnagar and Nalgonda. It also covers areas covered by the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC), Sangareddy and Bhongir Municipalities and 849 villages.

Activities permitted in Residential Zones 1-3

  • All types of residential buildings
  • Auditoriums
  • Bakeries and confectioneries
  • Banks, burial grounds/ cremation ground
  • Bus stands
  • Bus depots without workshop
  • Cinema halls on plots above 3,000 sq metres and abutting road of minimum 18 metres width
  • Clubs
  • Computer software units /IT-enabled services
  • Community centres
  • Customary home occupation/household units
  • Dharamshalas
  • Doctors’ clinics and dispensaries
  • Educational institutions
  • Electrical distribution station
  • Electronic printing press
  • Exhibition and art gallery
  • Gymnasium
  • Fire stations
  • Foreign missions
  • Group housing/apartment complexes
  • Health facilities with not more than 20 beds
  • Function halls on plots above 3,000 sq metres and abutting road of minimum 18 metres width
  • Guest houses
  • Hostels and boarding houses
  • Hotels on plots of above 2,000 sq metres and abutting road of minimum width of 18 metres
  • Library
  • Games facilities of local nature, both, indoor and outdoor
  • Night shelters
  • Motor vehicle repairing workshops/garages
  • Municipal, state and central government offices
  • Parks/tot lots
  • Petrol pumps
  • Plant nursery
  • Police check posts
  • Police stations
  • Post offices
  • Professional offices
  • Public utilities and buildings except service and storage yards
  • Religious premises
  • Research institutes
  • Restaurants/eating places
  • Retail shopping centres
  • Showroom for sale and distribution of LPG
  • Taxi stand/three-wheeler stands
  • Technical training centre
  • Transit visitors’ camp
  • Water pumping station
  • Weekly markets
  • Informal market (informal sector activities)
  • Yoga centres/health clinics

Activities not permitted in Zones 1-3

  • Botanical garden
  • Courts of law
  • Heavy, large and extensive industries
  • Indoor games stadium
  • International conference centre
  • Obnoxious and hazardous industries
  • Outdoor games stadium
  • Reformatory
  • Hospitals treating contagious and infectious diseases
  • Storage godowns of perishable, hazardous and inflammable goods
  • Solid waste dumping yards
  • Warehousing
  • Storage of gas cylinders
  • Water treatment plants
  • Wholesale mandis
  • Workshops for buses
  • Zoological gardens

Activities permitted in Residential Zone-4

  • All types of residential buildings
  • Banks
  • Bus stands
  • Clinics, dispensaries, primary health sub-centres
  • Community centres and social institutions
  • Customary home occupation/household units
  • Municipal, state and central government offices
  • Parks and playgrounds
  • Professional offices/ personal services establishments
  • Public utilities and buildings, except service and storage yards
  • Religious places
  • Restaurants/eating places
  • Retail shops
  • Repair service establishments
  • Schools
  • Stables for domestic animals, subject to a limit of five animals on each plot
  • Storage of crop, fodder, manure, agricultural implements and other similar needs

Activities not mentioned in the list are prohibited in this zone.

Types of Land Development Permitted under HMDA Master Plan

Unless and otherwise stated or exempted by the Metropolitan Commissioner, HMDA land assemblage and development would be promoted, facilitated and approved in any of the following manner.

  • Land Pooling or Area Development Schemes.
  • Layout development Schemes
  • Group Housing Schemes
  • Group development schemes
  • Township development
  • SEZ development
  • Development Schemes & Special Projects under the HMDA Act,2008
  • Individual plot sub-division /individual plot or plots Amalgamation
Hyderabad HMDA Master Plan- 2031

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