Best Place to Invest in Hyderabad – Upmarket and Affordable

Hyderabad has gained popularity for its availability of land and affordable prices. Some areas in Hyderabad have been providing healthy returns for the past few years because of an increase in property rates.

Each individual has a dream of making a good return on investment by investing in lands in the City. Most people move to outskirt areas where there are land banks available, providing relief from the city’s busy and hectic pace and pollution. But in reality, when buying land, investors should also keep in mind the area’s connectivity when finalising the deal.

Few of the Upmarket Best Place to Invest in Hyderabad include –
Best Place to Invest in Hyderabad

Kokapet is a new city with running projects believed to equal workspace comparable to Hyderabad’s in future. The area is regarded as a new growth engine for Telangana’s IT sector.  

Kokapet is a village in Ranga Reddy district falling under Rajendranagar mandal. Further down Gachibowli and Financial District on the west of Hyderabad, Kokapet has become one of the most preferred residential destinations to buy and invest among the working-class population of Hyderabad.

Announced in July 2019 by the Telangana government, this new city will soon be developed with the motto of ‘Rise Infrastructure Hyderabad – Enhancing Liveability’ at the region referred to as the ‘Golden Triangle’, stretched out from Kokapet to Muthangi ORR. The area is expected to accommodate a workforce of 5 lakh on its 90-million sq ft workspace. To put this in perspective, the entire city of Hyderabad has a workspace of 110 million sq ft.

With a huge land-bank of 466 acres, Telangana government is developing the area on a mission mode approach. Emphasis was placed on developing public transport, and residential areas at Tellapur and Mokilla, where LRT, BRT or MRT connectivity from the last metro station to Kokapet will be provided.

Best Place to Invest in Hyderabad

Manikonda is a commercial and residential locality between the Financial District and Hitec City. The area falls in Gandipet mandal of Ranga Reddy district. The locality consists of two revenue villages Puppalaguda and Manikonda.

This area has been popular with home buyers in recent times as many of the IT companies are headquartered in and around the area. Another motive for looking for this location is because of the projects like Lanco Hills and others.

Earlier as a panchayat, Manikonda had issues with illegal constructions mushrooming without proper permits which has hurt buyer sentiment. The recent metamorphosis of the area from a panchayat to municipality has put an end to all illegal constructions under its jurisdiction.

It is well connected to the main city and has wider roads with an average width of 40 meters. There are two highways leading to Manikonda; one is from Darga via OU Colony and the other is from Sheikpet.

Best Place to Invest in Hyderabad

Nanakramguda, once Hyderabad’s sleeping suburb, is now the center of real estate activity and economic growth. Originally a village under Serilingamapally mandal of RR district on the outskirts of Hyderabad has started its growth through infrastructure and real estate developments after its inclusion in the GHMC (Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation) in 2007. The growth was mainly due to booming IT sector, which originally started in Madhapur. New IT parks have transformed this area beyond recognition.

The property prices have climbed high on the price ladder on par with the neighbouring Madhapur, Kondapur and Gachibowli areas just after it was included in the first phase of financial district 10 years ago. The region between Gachibowli and Nanakramguda are buzzing with new commercial and residential projects.

Few of the Affordable Best Place to Invest in Hyderabad include –

Kollur falls in Ramachandra Puram mandal of Sanga Reddy district. The suburb has been recently merged under Tellapur municipality.

This locality has grown in popularity among home buyers mainly because of its rapid growth prospects into a mini-township in the years to come.

Some main reasons for Kollur’s popularity are its affordable prices compared to the adjacent Kokapet SEZ. As many of the working professionals of MNCs and other establishments in Kokapet-Gachibowli-Financial District were looking for new affordable locations along the ORR (Outer Ring Road), Kollur stood as a great option for these home buyers.

The state government’s double-bedroom scheme for the lower income people made this suburb a center of attraction recently. The 15,560 apartment unit mega project for the lower income beneficiaries is located on the Kollur-ORR. With 117 blocks and 234 lifts, this complex can accommodate about 62,240 people, assuming there are four in a family. Here, there are some blocks of silt plus 10 and stilt plus 11 floors.

One can reach Kollur from Gachibowli-Wipro circle road or Tellapur-Osman nagar Road or Kokapet ORR. The road connectivity from ORR is seamless and one can reach Hyderabad international Airport from Kollur within 40 mins.


Ameenpur is a suburb located in North-West Hyderabad near the ORR surrounded by Patancheru, RC Puram & BHEL on one side and Bachupally & Chandanagar on the other. It falls under Sanga Reddy district.

The government has decided to make this suburb into a separate municipality instead of merging it into Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation. This locality has grown in popularity among middle-class home buyers working in surrounding industrial and other establishments near Patancheru and Ramachandrapuram areas. Ameenpur is suitable for middle-class buyers who are looking for new affordable housing projects near the ORR (Outer Ring Road).

The suburb lacks rail connectivity but has good road connectivity with good number of city buses to the interiors of Hyderabad. One can reach Ameenpur from Chandanagar, BHEL Township or Bollaram road. The suburb doesn’t have connectivity from ORR.


Tellapur falls in Ramachandra Puram mandal of Sanga Reddy district. The suburb has been recently made into a municipality.

This locality has grown in popularity among home buyers as many of the working professionals of MNCs and other establishments in Gachibowli-Financial District were looking for new affordable locations along the ORR (Outer Ring Road).

Last year, Tellapur got a MMTS station for which new lines were laid for 6 km stretch till RC Puram to ease travel for Tellapur locals working in Industrial areas of BHEL–RC Puram and Patancheru. This line connects Tellapur to Lingampally to the interiors of Hyderabad on one side and RC Puram-BHEL on the other side.

Bandlaguda Jaghir

Affordable growth areas like Bandlaguda Jagir have proven economically viable to many home buyers in the past 5-7 years. Bandlaguda Jagir is a recently created muncipal corporation in Ranga Reddy district and falls under Gandipet Mandal. The suburb has seen a rapid growth in real estate acitivity after its inclusion into HMDA (Hyderabad Metropolitan Development Authority).

Interestingly, Bandlaguda Jagir has an added advantage over suburbs of IT/ITES zones in that it is only 20 Km away from Hyderabad Airport. Also, the area is only 12 Km from IT/ITES zone. This has attracted many developers to build gated community apartments and villas in this area in the recent years.

*Following Best Place to Invest in Hyderabad are based on return on investment in a 12 months period

Best Place to Invest in Hyderabad – Upmarket and Affordable

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